Articles published in 2020

King David’s Faithfulness to Jonathan and Kindness to Mephibosheth (A story of Thanksgiving by Tofey Leon)

I suppose some of you, maybe even many of you are not familiar with the name Mephibosheth. Well, there are actually two Mephibosheth’s mentioned in Scripture. The older one was a son of King Saul, the brother of Jonathan. He is written about in 2 Samuel 21. The younger Mephibosheth, whose story I wish to discuss, is first mentioned in 2 Samuel 4:4. Along with King David, he is a central character in the historical narrative told in 2 Samuel 9. It is as follows:

 2 Samuel 9

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Power Restored

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sally, I have taken notice of two glorious words…”Power Restored”.  These two words have been passionately shouted and shared with family, friends, neighbors and especially posted on social media.  Being without power after many storms in my life, I completely understand and can relate to the immediate joy and gratitude when the power clicks on.

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